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  freetimers dsb  
  Freetimers-DSB: Rural Broadband, Satellite and WIFI technology for Rural Areas.

Satellite Broadband

Rural Broadband


Broadband for Rural Areas

Distributed Satellite Broadband

Rural Areas


No telephone lines, no exchange thresholds?
If you are reading this, you have probably already experienced difficulties in obtaining broadband supply in your area. This could be either that your community is still trying to reach the ‘exchange threshold’ level that would persuade BT to ‘enable’ it in order for it to supply broadband to you or even worse, that where you live or run your business is outside the current supply plans.

Wait no longer! Rural broadband from Freetimers DSB has been developed specifically to overcome these problems and enable you to take advantage of the broadband revolution - at a realistic price.

So how does DSB work?

  1. At the centre of a typical community/ business installation, is the host site where the satellite receiver dish and associated hardware (the size of a couple of VCRs) will be located to receive and process the incoming signal.
  2. The signal is the routed via a small external antenna using WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) technology to a similar antennae located at the remote client’s premises.
  3. The remote client antennae (usually the size of a video cassette and located on a window ledge) will be connected by an RJ45 network cable to an Ethernet card in the back of your PC
  4. All outgoing data files will be routed in exactly the reverse direction.